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Green SIMPLE+ wide bag

Green SIMPLE+ wide bag

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This bag is perfectly designed for dancers or any other person who needs to carry around big clothes or many clothes in one bag. The bag is designed according to customer recommendations and needs.

Here are the main features:

    • An extra 10cm on the side (to put several clothes in one bag)
    • 100% waterproof material
    • removable pocket (for documents, jewelry, bowties, etc.) which can be used as a sitting pad
    • reflectors
    • two changeable heights
    • personalized product – possibility to print a logo, initials on the cover
    • opportunity to fold the cover in half
    • different sizes
    • handle for easier carrying.

It comes in 4 colors and 2 sizes.

Size description: 

70x95x120cm, for instance, this size means that the bag is 70cm wide, and has two changeable lengths 95cm and 120cm. 

The main usage: dance costumes, plentiful dresses, several suits, and other big costumes.


All garment bags are made of waterproof fabric.

Shipping & Returns

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Our bag sizes are shown in this way: 60x95/120cm; 60cm is the width, 95cm is the shortest length of the bag, and 120cm is the longest.

Most bags have two lengths; you can fold them smaller or expand them longer.

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